Usain Bolt, who has won eight Olympic gold medals, will help Step App launch a private beta of its fitness metaverse platform.

Bolt is the face of a new “move-to-earn” brand that wants to become a gamified metaverse with items for sale like digital sneakers based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this way, Step App seems to meet a lot of today’s buzzwords.

Step calls itself a FitFi platform that uses blockchain technology. The company said that Step App shows that the blockchain economy is growing beyond just finance by adding lifestyle, fitness, and play to the space. It has a lot of competition in this field, like the “sneakerverse” app Aglet.

The platform turns common exercises, like walking the dog or jogging around the park every day, into social activities or competitions with friends and strangers. This helps people earn money while they exercise, which can help them reach financial freedom.

Bolt will be the brand’s main ambassador. He will help sign up millions of users around the world and bring in other premium brand partners and government organizations that share Step App’s vision for a healthier world through Web3. The former athlete is very interested in finding ways to combine fitness and financial technology, so he or she was the perfect choice to be an ambassador.

“Exercise has always been a big part of my life, and it still is. Bolt said in a statement, “When I heard what the team at Step App was building, I was immediately moved and wanted to be a part of this very important global movement.” “I’ve said before that we should strive to inspire, and through Step App, I’d love to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier and happier life. We are just getting started!”

With the highly-anticipated launch, more than 20 million users who have already signed up will be able to use the platform’s advanced tech to work out, socialize, play, and earn money. The brand’s “SNEAKS,” which are digital shoes that users can buy, trade, and wear digitally on the platform, will also be introduced.

With each step, users will earn KCAL tokens. The app will make new business opportunities available in developing markets in the U.S. and around the world. Step App’s fast, low-cost blockchain, which is based on Avalanche, will host a metaverse. It has software development kits (SDKs) that can be used right away for smart contract solutions, NFT infrastructure, and other things.

Step App wants to be a possible partner for mainstream brands that aren’t familiar with crypto and corporations that want to branch out into the crypto user base’s value potential.

One of the features is augmented reality. As users complete fitness quests, their metaverse characters grow and change. It is game-like, and player-vs.-player matchmaking lets people combine fitness with social experiences on a local, regional, or global scale. And players can earn KCAL tokens by completing quests and combining fitness goals with new ways to make money.

The CEO of Step App, Kirill Volgin, said in a statement, “We are not only building an industry-leading Web3 platform, but we are also leading a global movement to get millions of people all over the world to become healthier.” “It’s our job to get people to work out every day so they feel better physically and mentally. We think we can do this by giving people crypto as an incentive to work out.”

The private beta of Step App can now be used. Those who are interested in the platform can also sign up for exclusive access. iOS and Android devices will soon be able to let the public in.

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