Ukraine plans to digitize “every single piece of art or history” it can, announced Michael Chobanian, President of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, at Consensus 2022 on Saturday, amid the clear and present danger of Russia’s military destroying Ukraine’s architectural marvels, museums, and other cultural sites.

“Today, we’re unveiling a new project aimed at preserving the DNA of the Ukrainian people, as well as Ukrainian culture and history,” Chobanian added. “They are now bombing museums, churches, and cultural institutions.

So, before they’re destroyed, we’re going to scan every single work of art of historical significance housed in museums.

We’re going to put it on the blockchain and NFT it “Chobanian said.

According to analytics firm Crystal Blockchain, Ukraine has already used crypto and blockchain to fund its fight against Russia’s invasion, raising over $135 million in crypto from donors all around the world by mid-May.

On a panel titled “Crypto at War: Behind Ukraine’s Historic Crypto Fundraiser,” Chobanian announced the NFT proposal with Alex Bornyakov, Ukraine’s deputy minister in the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the government’s de facto crypto spokesman.

The project, however, is not a government endeavor, but rather a collaborative effort by the Ukrainian blockchain community.

Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR Protocol, who was present on stage, subsequently disclosed that NEAR will be the project’s first blockchain partner.

“It is critical to bring all of Ukrainian legacy online, to provide it to the world, and to preserve it in perpetuity,” Polosukhin added.

Chobanian said that Ukraine’s historic NFT-ization of its antiques will indicate “what is being housed” where, preventing unscrupulous government officials from taking valuables during unpredictably volatile periods like these.

It will be proof that an item existed if it is digitized and placed as an NFT on a blockchain.

Because everyone from anywhere will be able to examine the objects as NFTs all in one location, the initiative will strive to create a digital window into Ukraine’s cultural DNA.

“It’s a national initiative, not a private project; it’s what we do as the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, and this way no one can erase it,” said Chobanian, who is also the founder of Ukraine’s Kuna exchange and the person in charge of organizing contributions for the Crypto Fund of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s MetaHistory NFT Museum was the first official NFT initiative, and it was developed to preserve facts about the conflict in order to counter “Putin’s misinformation campaign.” NFTs purchased on that platform will go toward funding the most recent NFT preservation effort.

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