The Walking Dead is one of the most well-known media franchises of the last ten years. During its 11-season run, the show had a lot of fans. For example, more than 17 million people watched the season five premiere of the drama in 2014. Because of these numbers, it was the highest-rated scripted show for people aged 18–49 at the time, not just on cable but on all TV.

Even though the show’s ratings have gone down since that notable high point, The Walking Dead still has a dedicated and passionate fan base, which has welcomed the IP’s move to Web3 with several NFT drops this year.

In February, Striker Entertainment, which represents The Walking Dead for AMC, announced a partnership with Orange Comet, which makes digital collectibles, to release the show’s first NFT drop.

The Walking Dead Walker Access Pass collection came out on March 3, 2022. It had 5,000 “walkers,” each of which had more than 30 different characteristics. Access Pass holders get special perks like early access to new drops, autographed items, and invitations to live events. The collection sold out in less than 24 hours. On April 14, 2022, the company released a new set called Daryl’s Motorcycles. It is made up of 5,000 motorcycles and 50 model-kit bikes NFTs that look like the famous bike that the character Daryl Dixon rides.

Now, a press release sent to nft now says that Orange Comet will release the Degenerative Walkers collection on July 28, 2022. Walker Access Pass holders will be able to mint one or more of 5,000 1 of 1 zombie NFTs, and they will later receive airdrops of three more NFT versions of their zombie that show it in different stages of decay.

Each NFT that is airdropped to a holder will look the same as the original NFT, but will look progressively older and more worn down than the one before it. Anyone who buys a Degenerative Walker NFT on the secondary market at any time will get the remaining airdrops. The collection will start with 5,000 Degenerative Walkers and grow to 20,000 over a few months.

In an email to nft now, Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome said, “The response from fans has been unbelievable.” “We hoped that by doing the best quality work in the space, we could appeal to NFT collectors who weren’t fans of the show. At the same time, we wanted to appeal to The Walking Dead fans who had never bought NFTs before but were excited by what they saw from us.”

Orange Comet is using these NFT drops to help build The Walking Dead Lands, a “post-apocalyptic open-world build-and-earn experience based on The Walking Dead universe.” Users will be able to buy land and build structures, which will earn them rewards in the metaverse.

In an email to nft now, Orange Comet’s Chief Creative Officer and CoFounder Dante Ferrarini said, “The creative backstory for the collection does make reference to the fact that these walkers have been captured for research and experimentation.” So, it’s likely that there will be some interesting changes in the later stages.

As part of its big plans, the company wants to release five NFT drops related to The Walking Dead every year. The company hasn’t said much about its Avatars collection, which will be coming out soon, so far.

Orange Comet said that it modeled and hand-painted these avatars to make them look very much like the show’s cast members.

“Human avatars, along with walkers, will play a big part in The Walking Dead Lands,” said Ferrarini. “We’ll be doing multiple drops of human avatars. The first one will happen later this year and will be a set of detailed 3D models of some of the most famous cast members. We plan to make avatars that collectors can change at the time of minting next year. In every case, these characters will become assets in The Walking Dead Lands.

In The Walking Dead Lands, the main goal will be to rebuild the world after the zombies have taken over. Users will be able to build structures and defenses, use tools and vehicles to explore different biomes, and scavenge for materials and rare resources.

They will also be able to “mint their own faction,” which is a unique ability that land owners get when they create a “fully realized” plot of land that makes more resources than it needs. The “Faction NFT” can also be sold, along with all the character and tool assets that come with it.

“There is a lot to find out, and over the next few months, we’ll tell you a lot more about this experience,” Ferrarini said.

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