The Football Association (FA), which is the organization in charge of football in the UK, is looking for a partner who can help them build an NFT platform. As the FA starts looking for a partner, the historical organization has started an RFP (Request for Proposals) tender process.

The FA is excited to build an NFT platform that will be based on the great men’s and women’s football players and legends from the UK. This year, the women’s team did well and won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. England and Germany played in the final, which was held at Wembley Stadium.

Many football leagues and organizations around the world are now using blockchain technology. The FA wants to come up with new ways for football fans to connect with their favorite players. Last month, the fans of Italian Club S.S. Lazio got NFT Tickets. As the FA gets involved with the NFT, more money will be put into the country’s most popular sport.

The FA wants to include official England match footage, current player names (and nicknames), photos, curated content, and player images surrounded by the three lions, the three lionesses, St. George’s Park, and the FA logo in the Request for Proposal IP. Also, the famous “caps” idea, Wembley Stadium, and artifacts owned by the FA could be part of the blockchain platform that the FA wants to build.

The FA is looking for a partner who knows a lot about blockchain technology and can help them build a blockchain-based platform that will let them talk to their fans in the Web3 space.

“Because we are a non-profit organization, we are always looking for new and effective ways to use new technology to help grow our fan base and put much-needed money back into the English game.”

“NFTs give The FA and the England Senior Men’s and Women’s teams a unique and creative way to connect with our fans through images. “Any money made will be used to improve the game, and it’s important that fans have the freedom to show their support in this new and exciting way,” said FA Commercial Director Navin Singh.

“This is an exciting chance for us to build a new long-term platform for the game around the FA brands and the England teams,” he said.

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