Holders of XMON, the native token behind the 0xmon NFT collection, will get 41.9% of SUDO’s initial supply of 60 million.

A blog post from Thursday says that the decentralized NFT marketplace Sudoswap will give its new governance token to community members through an airdrop.

The first 60 million SUDO tokens, which are based on Ethereum, will mostly go to people who own XMON, the native token behind the 0xmon NFT collection, which was made by the founders of Sudoswap. Holders of XMON will take part in a lockup to get 41.9% of the total supply of SUDO. During the three-month lockup, people who own XMON tokens can get 10,000 SUDO for each XMON token they lock.

CoinGecko says that the price of XMON has gone up by 38% in the last 24 hours.

In the blog post, it was also said that 1.5% of the SUDO supply will be given to holders of 0xmon NFTs and that 1.5% of the supply will be given to Sudoswap liquidity providers through a retroactive liquidity provider airdrop.

The remaining 55.1% of tokens will be split between the treasury, founding team members, and SudoRandom labs, which is the main contributor to the Sudoswap protocol.

The post says that at first, SUDO won’t be able to be given to other people. “This is done to make sure that SUDO doesn’t go into circulation until there’s a guarantee that enough SUDO holders will be involved in governance,” the post said.

Sudoswap is a market maker NFT platform that is automated, self-regulated, and uses trading mechanisms that run on their own.

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