Solana has had steady growth leading up to September. One sign of growth has been seen in the NFT collections based in Solana.

In a recent tweet, Magic Eden said that it has now sold 25 million SOL volumes. It also had a SOL volume of 300k in the last day. These numbers show how Solana NFTs are getting bigger and bigger over time.

Solana Daily made a list of the NFT collections that did the best on the network in the last week. According to the update, DeGods was the most popular NFT collection on Solana, with $3.1 million in sales in the last week. The ABC collections came next, and they made $1.8 million.

As we look deeper into the collection, we can see that DeGods has grown in the last 30 days. According to CryptoSlam, the number of sales has gone up by a staggering 217% during this time.

Over $6.36 million was made from the collection, and it is still the best-selling Solana NFT collection on the 30d chart.


Not going with the flow

Notably, the NFT market has been struggling over the past few weeks. Low demand and token volatility are two of the main reasons for this.

One blockchain expert said that the liquidation of Bend DAO could cause NFT floors to fall. He also said, “Rn (right now), the NFT market is dry.”

This makes the way Solana works even more interesting to people who use it. CryptoSlam also agrees that Solana made more than $61.45 million in the last month.

This has helped the network stay in third place on the NFT blockchain’s sales volume leaderboard. It’s still behind Ethereum and Polygon on the charts, but recent developments are looking good.

Solana is losing the war, even though he has won some small victories. On September 7, SOL prices went down by 5.10% because of negative headwinds.

This puts the SOL in a very dangerous situation as it wanders through the bear market. At press time, the price of SOL on CoinMarketCap was $31.21.

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