Monday, people who work in the industry said that big companies are using non-fungible tokens not only as a marketing tool but also to offer their customers a wider range of services.

On Monday, at the E Cruise headquarters, Samsung Electronics signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Digital Plaza, Shilla Duty Free Shop, Show Golf, and E Cruise to get more people to use the New Galaxy NFT.

In the MOU, blockchain company Theta Labs took part as an NFT issuing partner, and near field communication payment solution company Allink took part as a certified partner.

Customers who pre-ordered the “Galaxy S22” series and the “Galaxy Tab S8” got a New Galaxy NFT that looks like a smartphone or tablet. Customers can now get discounts in offline stores of the contracted companies when they show their New Galaxy NFTs.

An official from Samsung Electronics said, “By giving practical services to customers who own NFT, those customers will be able to learn more about digital assets.”

The New Galaxy NFT is also being used to help consumers. On Monday, Instagram announced that they have started a service that lets people post NFT artworks on their social platform.

First, artists and creators will be able to use this new service. The service will then be made available to all users, as planned.

In this update, Meta will make it easier to post NFT artworks by connecting Instagram to digital wallets like Coinbase, Dapper, Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. Blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow all work with the wallets.

“NFT technology lets people do more creative work and helps them make more money. Instagram has always tried to help creators express themselves freely and make money. “We will keep looking for ways to help creators who come up with new ideas,” said a representative from Instagram.

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