Last week, Project PXN NFT unveiled their long-awaited Ghost Division NFT collection. However, it attracted attention on Twitter since several of the artworks resemble iconic anime characters.

Some NFTs from the PXN Ghost Division are well-known anime characters.

With over 400k followers on its official Twitter account, Phantom Network NFT or Project PXN NFT is one of the most promising initiatives. Its most recent collection generated a lot of buzz before its debut. However, now that the artworks have been released, there are fears that the project will run into copyright difficulties due to some of the anime-inspired NFTs.

Some NFTs in the Ghost collection, for example, resemble characters from famous anime series like Demon Slayer, One Piece, and One Punch Man. There are also Ghost Division NFTs that are identical to characters from Overwatch and Genshin Impact.

Credit: @PeachNFT on Twitter

Kei, the project’s Art Director, attempted to answer the worries of its NFT holders in a post. He claims that:

“As a space, we all seem to be comfortable with derivative collections of other NFT initiatives and even paying respect to pop culture that has had a significant impact on our lives.” There are several situations when distinct cultural components are included into a collection.”

“PXN offers a solid core collection with a ludicrous quantity of bizarre and unique items. These unique works are what characterize and highlight our DNA. To be honest, the anime elements were never a major selling factor.”

He offered the NFT holders a remedy at the end of the blog:

“Blank pictures will be sent out as placeholders for some of the NFTs in question.” These are Legendaries and Epics in the collection that we consider to be problematic strike zone pieces. At this stage, perhaps 15–20 items stick out to me. When their NFT is re-rolled into another Epic or Legendary PXN original, everybody impacted will get a 10e compensation.”

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