In a big moment for the popular Pudgy Penguins project, an NFT from the collection sold for a staggering 400 ETH (around $600k). It’s the most ETH the Pudgy Penguins project has ever sold, and it’s a big deal for the penguins.

The NFT #6873 in question is the most rare of the 8,888 NFTs. It is the only NFT that has a green background and faces the opposite way as the other NFTs. But this is not the first time #6873 has made a big sale. Before, in September of 2021, it sold for 225 WETH.

@KinkyBedBugs, a vocal fan of the project, is now the proud owner of the rare Penguin NFT #6873. In a tweet from yesterday, he said, “I back up what I say with money. I have nothing but confidence in @pudgypenguins and @LucaNetz. This is how it is, and this is how it will stay.”

Even though there have been a lot of jokes on Twitter about the NFT being sold for 400 ETH, the new owner may have made a very smart move. Also, the floor price of a Pudgy Penguins NFT has gone up 83% in the last few weeks and 69% in the last month.

What are the popular penguins going to do next?

In April of this year, Luca Schnetzler, a member of the Pudgy community, bought the whole collection from the founder, which caused a lot of trouble. Now, the project is doing well and has a strong community and a clear plan for the future.

The fact that the Pudgy Penguins sold for 400 ETH shows that there are a lot of serious fans of this one-of-a-kind collection, which has a floor price of 3.9 ETH.

Lastly, big changes are planned for the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem. In the long run, they will also make real plush toys, a book for kids, and a lot more.

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