“The NFT won’t stop Russian missiles, but it gives Ukraine a chance to become more open to new ideas and rebuild its economy” according to Oleksandr Borniakov.

The money made from sales at an online NFT (nonfungible token) museum will be used by the Ukrainian government to fix up art in the real world.

According to a Friday announcement and information shared with Cointelegraph, Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy said that the government-backed Meta History Museum of War platform, which aims to preserve the timeline of major events in Russia’s war with Ukraine, raised 803.28 Ether (ETH), or about $1.3 million at the time, through the sale of NFTs. The ministry said that the money from the sales will be used to “restore Ukrainian cultural institutions,” many of which were hurt or destroyed by Russian missile attacks.

“During the six months of war in Ukraine, the Russians destroyed hundreds of our museums, theaters, and other cultural institutions,” said Oleksandr Tkachenko, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy for Ukraine. “Almost 6 billion euros worth of damage has been done to Ukrainian culture and national heritage, and if the actions and plans of the Russian Federation are any indication, this number will only go up.”

Oleksandr Borniakov, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation for IT development, said:

“The NFT will not stop Russian missiles, but it offers a way for Ukraine to develop as an innovation-friendly country and to rebuild its economy.”

A non-profit started the Meta History project with the help of the Ukrainian government in March, one month after the first missiles hit Ukrainian targets in the ongoing conflict. Aid For Ukraine is a platform started by the government that accepts crypto donations “to help people in their fight for freedom.” The $1.3 million will go to Aid For Ukraine, but the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy says the money will be used for repairs instead of buying supplies for the military.

As of Monday, UNESCO, which is in charge of many of the world’s heritage sites because of their importance to history, nature, and art, said that the war with Russia had damaged or destroyed 164 cultural sites in Ukraine. There are 72 religious sites, 12 museums, 32 historic buildings, 24 buildings for cultural activities, 17 monuments, and 7 libraries.

“These repeated attacks on cultural sites in Ukraine must stop,” said Audrey Azoulay, the head of UNESCO, in June. “Cultural heritage in any form should never be the target of attacks.”

Since the war with Russia started in February, more than $100 million in crypto donations have been sent directly to wallet addresses given by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Aid For Ukraine says that crypto donations are used to buy supplies for the military and to help people in need.

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