The website for NFT service provider PREMINT was hacked early this morning, July 17. Do not click on any links or sign any transactions on the website. Even though some users have said that their NFTs were stolen, we don’t yet know how bad the damage is. At the time of writing, PREMINT’s website was up and running, but the team hadn’t yet said whether or not they had gotten back in. Let’s see what we know about the PREMINT hack so far.

What happened with the PREMINT hack?

Many people warned others about PREMINT’s hack on Twitter this morning, telling them not to do any business on the project’s website. For those who don’t know, PREMINT is an NFT service provider that lets the best NFT artists create access lists and raffles for the community.

“Please don’t sign any transactions that say “set approvals for all”!” PREMINT sent a tweet. The project also said that they are looking into reports right now.

By giving token approval, you give the hacker permission to move your NFTs without you having to sign anything else. But you can take this permission back.

Go to Etherscan and look at your wallet’s history to see if it was hacked during the PREMINT hack. If you see a Set Approval function anywhere, it means you signed a transaction that says “set approvals for all.” You will also be able to see in your history any transactions that you didn’t do yourself. This is a clear sign that someone else used your wallet.

premin hacked
Premint Hacked

What to do if someone got into your wallet

Here’s what you can do if someone stole your wallet:

To revoke permission, you can go to or Here, by clicking the “Revoke” button, you can take away access to each NFT that was approved. Once your permissions have been taken away, go to Etherscan. If the data section under logs says “False,” it means you have taken back your approvals.
You could also move all of your assets to a different wallet for now.
In the end, it’s always better to avoid situations like this by using a crypto burner wallet. Basically, a burner wallet is a temporary cryptocurrency wallet that you only use to make NFTs or dApp transactions. This wallet will only have the minimum amount you need to make an NFT or pay for gas. So, even if someone gets into your burner wallet, your main assets will still be safe.

It’s not the first hack this week.

Since last year, the number of NFT hacks has gone up a lot, and PREMINT is the latest company to be hacked. We told you early today that a hacker tried to get into the Twitter account of NFT Artist DeeKay on Friday. According to reports, the hack caused $150,000 in NFTs to be lost.

With the number of NFT scams going up, it’s more important than ever to be extra careful when approving transactions. Even if the NFT drop comes from a verified account, you should always check it twice to make sure it’s real.

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