Last but not least, Playboy has announced that The Sandbox will be behind its virtual MetaMansion. The well-known magazine company said today that the Playboy MetaMansion will be living in The Sandbox. Playboy first gave hints about the MetaMansion when it released its Rabbitar NFT collection in the fall of 2021.

When it released its collection of Rabbitar NFTs in October 2021, Playboy gave the first hint that it would build a virtual version of the famous Playboy Mansion. Well, the company followed through on its promise today by putting out a teaser video.

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Playboy Mansion in the Sandbox Metaverse

To sum up, Playboy thinks that The Sandbox will be a place where MetaMansion will be an immersive, social, and interactive game. There will also be programming for events, NFT releases, and more.

All of Playboy’s activities in The Sandbox are, of course, based on the magazine’s 70-year history, its content library, and its art collection. Most importantly, the Playboy Mansion has been home to a long list of famous events.

People with Rabbitar NFTs will be able to use the Playboy MetaMansion in The Sandbox in a unique way. For instance, people who own a Rabbitar will get VIP access to special events, quests, giveaways, and more. Also, people who own Rabbitars will be able to help decide what the future of MetaMansion will be like.

What will happen next in the Metaverse with Playboy’s Mansion?

Playboy now has its own “Playboy MetaMansion” channel in The Sandbox Discord. This is meant to get people excited about the project.

Rabbitar owners will be able to verify their NFT in order to get a “Playboy Rabbitar” role. So, in the future, they will be able to get special access, free stuff, and other perks. Lastly, both the Playboy Discord server and the Playboy channel in The Sandbox server will have updates about the MetaMansion.

Another important thing is that Playboy didn’t give any dates. But it will work with The Sandbox to keep everyone up to date on when MetaMansion experiences will happen. This includes when Playboy LAND will be shown to the public.

All in all, this partnership is a big step forward for Playboy in the metaverse. Not to mention that it is now joining other well-known brands that have shops in The Sandbox. For example, TIME, another well-known American magazine, has been around for a long time. The web3 branch of the magazine is working with The Sandbox to make a digital version of TIME Square.

Other companies that have worked with Sandbox in the past include Ledger, HSBC, and Snoop Dogg, who is NFTs’ favorite celebrity.

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