Paris Hilton has teamed up with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to launch a new fund to assist female artists’ digital artwork. The money will be used to support artists’ work in a variety of mediums, including animation, augmented reality, video art, nonfiction books, and more. The fund will enable a wide range of curators to research and analyze digital innovation throughout the world, since it is Paris Hilton’s first purchase fund for an art museum.

Hilton is a strong supporter of female artists.

LACMA has acquired two artworks for its permanent collection in conjunction with the fund’s inauguration. Shantell Martin, a British artist, wrote the first composition. Martin’s piece, titled “The Question,” makes use of advanced technology to participate in his work. Finally, Krista Kim, a Canadian-Korean artist, donated a work named “Continuum” to LACMA.

Krista developed her source images while soaking up inspiration from the California sky. A bright color gradient is depicted in the painting, which evolves over a 40-minute loop. Both sculptures will be included in a forthcoming exhibit at LACMA that will focus on the inventiveness of female artists. In addition, the pieces will be displayed at Arizona State University in the autumn of 2022.

What is the significance of LACMA?

As a result, the link between technology and art has been a significant aspect of LACMA’s programming since their Art and Technology program in the late 1960s. LACMA created possibilities for artists to collaborate with cutting-edge technologies by matching 70 artists. Throughout the show, however, the only participants presented were guys. As a result, LACMA developed ART+ in 2014, which continues to promote a wide array of artists while fostering innovation and cooperation.

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