Yesterday, August 9, The Sandbox announced that it is working with entrepreneur, DJ, and original crypto queen Paris Hilton to build her virtual Malibu Mansion. The Sandbox is bringing the star’s world to the metaverse with the help of Hilton’s company, 11:11 Media. With this change, her fans and the people in her community will have a brand-new way to talk to the star.

About the Paris Hilton Malibu Mansion

Paris Hilton was one of the first people to use Web3. She has been a vocal supporter of NFTs, metaverses, and everything Web3-related for a long time. Her new partnership with The Sandbox makes her Web3 presence even stronger.

Hilton’s fans will be able to connect with her in new ways through her virtual Malibu Mansion. For example, Hilton will host social and community events in the virtual mansion, such as rooftop parties and other glitzy social events. She is also planning something special for Halloween at her LAND. Fans can also expect 11 new Sandbox avatars that show the different sides of Paris Hilton.

“I can’t wait to bring Paris World into the metaverse even more,” said Paris Hilton. “My team is working hard to give my fans an amazing real-life experience with the help of my amazing partner The Sandbox.”

So far, neither The Sandbox nor Paris Hilton has given any more information about the virtual Malibu Mansion. Most likely, we’ll find out more in the coming days and weeks.

As was already said, Paris Hilton was one of the first famous people to get involved in the Web3 world. She began investing in cryptocurrency as early as 2016. Later, in 2019, Hilton made her first non-financial asset (NFA). She sold it for charity in March 2020. In fact, at the NFT Awards ceremony, her piece won “Best Charity NFT.”

In April of the next year, Hilton released her NFT collection. At the time, a piece from this called “Iconic Crypto Queen” sold for $1.1 million. She not only makes her own NFTs, but she also loves to collect them.

Paris Hilton bought Bored Ape #1294 at the beginning of this year. It is the most expensive NFT she owns right now. She even showed off the NFT on the TV show of Jimmy Fallon. She also helps people mint their NFTs as a consultant and investor at Origin Protocol. Recently, she worked with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on a fund that helps women artists who work in digital media.

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