With this weekend’s Grand Prix in Monaco now underway, Oracle Red Bull Racing is releasing NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. With this second series of digital collectibles from the F1 team, they hope to take its fans even closer to the action.

Oracle Red Bull Racing’s 2nd NFTs
The second rendition of Oracle Red Bull NFTs will be minted on the Tezos blockchain. They’ll be available on the Bybit NFT marketplace. To clarify, these NFTs will connect the fans to the team, and various memorable moments, through a series of limited edition pieces.

The series will open with the release of a unique collectible that will be auctioned over the week of the Monaco Grand Prix. A special one-off Monaco-edition Playseat simulator rig will be on display, and seeing some racing action with drivers and Red Bull Athletes during the race weekend. Whilst at the same time an NFT auction will be underway. The highest bidder receives both a digital version of the one-off seat for their memorabilia collection. As well as this, the rights to claim the actual one-off Playseat from the Monaco Energy Station.

In November of last year, to celebrate the Mexico Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing released their debut NFTs on Tezos.

Monaco Grand Prix and this season’s F1
Drivers of the F1 are warming up for the Monaco Grand Prix, as they face qualification today. Monaco is often seen as the highlight of the F1 season. Many people look at it as the best Grand Prix on the circuit. Also, lots of celebrities over the years have been seen at the event, with plenty more expected in the luxurious microstate. It was first held in 1929. In detail, some of the biggest names in recent years have included Tom Brady and Kris Jenner. As well as Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and many, many more.

This year, Red Bull has been a key name in the top 5 of each race. With their racers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez performing well.

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