The UI of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, is getting a substantial overhaul. According to an official blog post, Opensea is taking the first step in improving its UI design for the benefit of its customers starting today.

It’s no secret that Opensea has had its fair share of issues this year. Its official Discord server was hacked, and it had the month’s lowest 24-hour sale. Fortunately, the platform is stepping up to give better service to its consumers.

It said two weeks ago that it will begin rolling out tools to detect phony NFTs. Its user interface was newly updated today. The purpose of the change, according to the statement, is to focus more on Opensea’s community content. Basically, for the OpenSea community, simplifying and providing way for deeper experiences.

Additionally, the platform is working on technological stack updates. According to the article, the improvement will make everyone’s OpenSea experience faster and more responsive.

What Can You Expect From OpenSea’s User Interface?

The modifications in the platform’s initial UI upgrade are centered on the appearance and experience of profiles and collections.

The purpose of the profile pages, according to OpenSea, is to provide users more ways to promote their favorite content. Make it easy for them to access their collections, favorites, and other information.

In terms of the collection sites, OpenSea improved the user experience by making it simpler to search and explore NFTs from their favorite producers. They have immediate access to any other NFTs that a creator has created in their collection. This makes it simpler for collectors to find fresh material from their favorite producers.

Finally, Opensea stated that these new UI modifications are only the beginning of further enhancements to come in the coming weeks.

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