OpenSea, a popular marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has changed the way it handles crime reports. The team behind the marketplace explained on their Twitter account what was wrong with their old policy for stolen items and why it was “damaging” users’ trust in the marketplace.

OpenSea said that they need to make a policy about reporting crimes and lost or stolen items in order to follow U.S. laws. But some users were punished when they bought stolen items by accident.

The team behind the platform says that they will change these rules after getting feedback from the community. One of the first changes will be that people who are robbed will have to file a report with the police during the first week of the events. This will stop stolen items from being sold on the platform.

If not, the item will continue to be traded freely on the market, and the platform will “help prevent false reports” of stolen items. Also, users will be able to get to items faster that were wrongly reported as stolen.

The team behind the project said that the whole process will be made easier for users. OpenSea added the following to their policy on stolen items and how they planned to make it better in the future:

“Long-term, our main goal will still be to find solutions that get to the heart of this problem. Already, work is being done to automate threat and theft detection better, such as by blocking suspicious URLs sooner. Besides that, we are working closely with ecosystem partners to help prevent theft and make it less likely to happen. We are also making better educational resources to help web3 users stay safe.”

The people who made the platform praised the work done by the company that makes crypto wallets, MetaMask. The latest version of the latter adds new options that give users more control over how many of their tokens MetaMask can access.

This new feature is meant to stop this type of attack or at least make it harder for bad people to get full access to the wallets of NFT holders.

NFT Marketplace OpenSea Answers Questions from the Community

In a different update, the team behind the platform made it clear that their new policy for reporting crimes won’t be applied to the past. This is supposed to make the process easier for everyone on the platform, especially those who have already met the old requirements.

Still, OpenSea gave the email address to anyone who wanted to fight this decision. Overall, most people who use the site have liked the changes.

OpenSea is taking a step to put its users first and stop bad people from trading stolen items while the platform works to win back the trust of its users. The people who made the digital marketplace said:

“It’s not a sign of a healthy ecosystem to let stolen items be sold and do business with them…

But a lack of trust from the people who got us here isn’t one of them.”

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