The OpenRarity project was a collaboration between Curio,, OpenSea, and Proof, which are all parts of the NFT community.

Since thousands of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are made every single day, it can be hard for NFT collectors to find rare pieces. But if the industry keeps getting better, it may soon be easier to find rare NFTs without much trouble.

In a tweet, NFT marketplace OpenSea said it was adding OpenRarity, a protocol that lets NFTs on its platform have their rarity calculated in a way that can be checked. The protocol uses a clear mathematical method to figure out how rare something is.

OpenSea said that NFTs that are rare will get low numbers like 1 or 2, while NFTs that are similar to a lot of other NFTs will get higher numbers. With this, the marketplace made it clear that buyers of NFTs would be able to see a reliable “rarity ranking.”

The feature won’t be added to all NFT collections on its own. The NFT marketplace says that creators will still have the choice of whether or not to use the OpenRarity feature on their collections.

Curio,, OpenSea, and Proof, which are all part of the NFT community, worked together on the OpenRarity project. The goal is to standardize how rarity is calculated and make sure that all NFT platforms use the same rarity rankings.

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