Meta just said that its latest NFT feature will let users connect their digital wallets to Instagram and Facebook.

Meta, the company that owns both Facebook and Instagram, announced on Monday that its users will now be able to post digital collectibles and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on both sites by connecting their digital wallets to either one.

Some people who like digital assets may have seen Meta’s announcement as a win for mass adoption, but not everyone on Crypto Twitter was happy about the news.

Concerned users took to social media to talk about their worries about the security and privacy of the information that is shared when digital wallets are linked to these platforms.

NPC-Picac, a member of the Web3 community who uses Twitter, said, “I don’t think it’s smart in any way to let digital collectibles connect to “Meta.”

CryptoBartender, a member of the Crypto Twitter community, was worried about what Meta might do with the information they get from digital wallets. He tweeted, “So they can figure out which wallets are yours and keep track of you and your crypto activities?”

Some users thought that tying valuable digital assets to their identities in a public way could make them easy targets for theft and fraud. A user who goes by the name famousfxck asked, “Is this good for adoption?” But isn’t it dangerous as well?”

Others talked about how they felt about people sharing even more personal information to help companies that have a long history of abusing their users’ data and privacy.

Meta said in its announcement that, as part of keeping its platforms safe and fun, “people can use our tools to keep their accounts safe and report digital collectibles that go against our community guidelines.” Meta hasn’t said how it plans to keep its users’ information about their digital wallets safe.

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