Years ago, everyone was crazy domain names. Now, the focus is shifting to NFT domains, which have a lot more to offer.

An NFT domain marketplace has announced that a slew of premium extensions, including .metaverse, .VR, and .chain, will be available for registration.

According to, the launch of these new domain names allows customers and projects to obtain extremely attractive, memorable addresses.

However, while they may appear to be ordinary online URLs at first glance, the marketplace claims they provide much more.

These domains may be used as a global login across Web3, whether you’re in a game or a virtual environment, and can simplify crypto transactions by removing cumbersome alphanumerical wallet addresses – long sequences of letters and numbers that can be prone to errors.

Complete ownership avoids the possibility of centralization or restriction, and these domains can also be used to host websites.

All of these compelling use cases, according to Quik, will be realized once the platform’s Chrome extension is released, which is slated to happen by the end of the year.

Such customised domains are poised to form the foundation of Web3 — a future in which digital behemoths are bypassed and people regain control of their data. These usernames will not only serve as a critical identity in our online life, but they will also act as crypto wallets where we can safely keep our digital assets.

Even better, there are extensions like.metaverse, .chain, .VR, .doge, .shib, .bored, .web3, .btc, .address, and .accessible. As a result, individuals may have a domain that is aligned with the coins or technology that they are most passionate about.

What is the procedure for registering a blockchain domain?

The process of minting or acquiring an NFT domain, according to Quik, is both rapid and painless. They’re held on the Ethereum blockchain, which means they’re not controlled by centralized organizations like ICANN.

Users may use their MetaMask or another mobile wallet to log in or create an account on They may then search for their preferred login and proceed to the next step, which is to make a transaction.

Of course, the world of NFT domain names is fiercely competitive, which means that specific names or one-word addresses are swiftly snatched up. If your selected address isn’t available, Quik’s systems will provide you with a list of alternatives, allowing you to choose the ideal location.

The transaction is validated on the Ethereum network once you’ve authorized it in your wallet. As a result, you won’t have to wait long for the NFT domain to show in your profile, ready to be utilized as you see appropriate.

The internet of the future

Quik is constantly releasing new domain names, as well as a countdown to impending debuts, so users may be among the first to get their hands on premium titles.

With a thriving marketplace, you can also look at what other people are selling, with top selections for short and crypto-related usernames listed on the Quik site.

Decentralized websites will play a larger role in our online lives in the not-too-distant future, and may even become a fundamental aspect of our identities. Quik’s aim is simple: to provide transparency and make it simple for anybody to advertise, sell, and buy digital products.

And, unlike domains, which must be renewed on a yearly basis, anybody who purchases a Quik domain owns it for life, with all payments paid up front. They’ll also be able to sell it in the future through a dedicated marketplace if they so want.

There was once a competition to buy the most domains. All eyes are now on the blockchain’s most sought usernames, and Quik is letting them all in.

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