The Museum of the City of New York has sent the United States Patent and Trademark Office several patent applications related to Web3.

The history and art museum in Manhattan, which opened in 1923, plans to sell downloadable cryptocurrency collectibles, tokens that can’t be used to buy other things, and application tokens. The museum has six departments that are in charge of putting things together. These departments are for photos, theater, decorative arts, costumes, paintings, and sculptures. Its collections also look at the Big Apple’s cultural and economic importance.

Museums aren’t only about the past.

Last year, NFTs became very popular, and many museums moved to take advantage of the trend. Before Valentine’s Day, the Belvedere museum in Vienna dropped “The Kiss,” a famous painting by the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. Last September, the British Museum entered the NFT space by working with start-up LaCollection to release a collection of digital Hokusai postcards. In January, augmented reality was shown at the Serpentine Gallery in London by the American contemporary artist KAWS.

In May, the first NFT museum opened in Seattle to show what digital art is all about. In the middle of July, a full-fledged NFT gallery opened in Midtown Manhattan, which is New York’s main business and shopping area. Creators could now show off their digital art from anywhere in the world.

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