Kevin Rose, the creator of Moonbirds, stated on Twitter that both Moonbirds and Oddities will switch to a CC0 license, which is a significant development for the well-known NFT project.

In terms of intellectual property, CC0, also known as Creative Commons, merely denotes “no rights reserved.” It’s a type of copyright that enables authors to renounce their legal claim to their work and, to the greatest extent feasible, transfer it into the public domain. As a result, there are no longer any restrictions on the use of Moonbirds NFT art.

“True ownership is dictated by what is recorded on-chain, the way it should be, in this new future,” Rose wrote in the tweet. “It is not by a record housed by a government or corporate entity.”

Just a few days prior to this historic move, renowned crypto artist XCOPY revealed that they will be applying CC0 retrospectively to all of their previously published works. Of course, excluding the works they collaborated on. XCOPY and Moonbirds aren’t the only programs that do this, either. Grant Yun and other NFT creators like Deca have launched successful CC0 projects, and more are expected to shortly follow suit.

One of the major projects to appear on the NFT scene recently, Goblintown, also notably debuted as CC0. Because of this, humorous Goblin-themed compilations temporarily ruled OpenSea’s charts. The rise of a new dominant, CC0-centric meta inside the NFT landscape is being referred to by many key players in the field, including Zeneca 33, as the “CC0 summer.”

The Moonbirds DAO, which will mostly handle the general licensing of the Moonbirds and Oddities trademarks and prohibit frauds, hate speech, and violence within the community, was also introduced by Rose. In the upcoming days, community members can anticipate updates to the project’s terms of service and website. Additionally, on August 5 at the Moonbirds Parliament Twitter Spaces, the Moonbirds team will organize a Q&A session.

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