With the release of CY-B3LLA, a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens with artwork based on 3-D scans of her face and body, supermodel Bella Hadid has moved from the runway to the metaverse.

Hadid, who is 25 years old, told Reuters in an interview from New York that she was interested in shared virtual world environments and wanted to make “cool versions” of herself. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she became obsessed with video games.

Earlier, she wrote on her Instagram account that she made the NFTs to “encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interactions”

NFTs are digital assets that are kept on the blockchain, which is a list of transactions kept on computers that are connected to each other. NFTs can be used to buy and sell all kinds of digital objects, such as images, videos, music, and text.

Hadid said that the process was a lot of fun and that the final results really show her “exact facial expressions.”

Her collection has 11,111 NFTs, all of which were made with the help of the reBASE NFT minting platform.

The ideas for the CY-B3LLA NFTs came from 10 different countries and were helped along by artists from those countries.

“It was really interesting to see what kind of version of me their minds came up with… You could make so many different versions of me, none of which I could ever come up with “she told me.

The locations and digital assets that go with them will be shown off between now and September. The first set of images shows a Japanese-inspired robot-style Hadid.

Each NFT also acts as a passport to a global community, giving the holder access to rewards and real events that Hadid has been to.

The date when these NFTs can be bought hasn’t been set yet, but people who want to buy them can sign up online.

Hadid said, “It’s really exciting to see that people actually, like, want to be involved,”

“Every time I put something out, it feels like a birthday party where no one shows up. So it’s been great to see that people are actually paying attention and getting it.”

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