Mike Shinoda is putting money into a new company that uses video meetings to turn users and their avatars into human NFTs.

Mike Shinoda is best known for helping to start one of the most popular rock bands of the 1990s and early 2000s, but TechCrunch reported on Thursday that he is also investing in Hologram. Hologram is currently only available as a Google Chrome extension. Users can sign in with their crypto wallets and become an animated NFT avatar.

The company says that their real-time algorithm uses machine learning, but it runs in the browser and doesn’t collect any user data. It can also make you sound different.

A short clip that the brand posted on Twitter showed off the real-time NFT-animator in Google Meet. Six users joined the call and used animated avatars that tracked their movements and moved as they did. In terms of the end result, the idea sounds like an Instagram or TikTok filter, but it is much stronger.

It’s pretty cool that, in theory, people can express themselves through art in any way they want. Part of what makes Hologram so interesting is that it isn’t often that a crypto project isn’t too hard.

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