Michael Jackson’s popularity has stayed strong even after he died more than 10 years ago. There have been posthumous albums, Broadway shows, and he is still talked about in mainstream culture. After ruling the real world, it looks like the king of pop will soon enter the metaverse.

This is because The Jackson Family Foundation Japan and the NFT Naruto Art Museum, which is a Japanese museum and an NFT project, have made a deal to work together only. With this new deal, MJWWT, which stands for “Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys,” will be sold only by MJWWT.

What will happen and how

The official press release says that MJWWT is a made-up world that Jackson himself drew by hand over the course of 10 days in 1992. This world is “a place to have fun to free the poor children of the world.”

This project will re-create this idea in the metaverse so that everyone can see what ideas Jackson had before he died. At this time, there is no official release date, but museum members will have the Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys added to their asset wallets. The NFTs, in turn, can be used to get into events and exhibitions that are important.

The release says, “NFT Naruto Museum of Art will work with JFF (Jackson Family Foundation) and JFFJ (Jackson Family Foundation Japan) to create museum DAO, museum 3.0, which will connect museums around the world, going beyond the ideas of “country” and “time” to connect with the past.

People who have the toys will also be able to use the MJWWT metaverse, which will start next year.

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