Mariah Carey’s first-ever No. 1 single will be released this week, which is fantastic news for fans! The Mariah Carey: Fly With Me NFT is currently up for auction on Geojam, a new NFT site. Significantly, the NFT includes some incredible features for Mariah Carey fans, including a journey on her private plane with the singer.

What is Mariah Carey’s NFT: Fly With Me?

The Mariah Carey: Fly With Me NFT is essentially a party. The star’s entrance into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, specifically. Carey’s induction is scheduled for 2020, but the Songwriters Hall of Fame event will take place on June 15th and 16th. As a result, the NFT auction started on June 3rd and will end on June 9th.

The Mariah Carey: Fly With Me NFT’s most prominent feature is, of course, the great benefits it offers. The NFT auction winner will have a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the music superstar, in addition to the NFT itself, which is a digital plane ticket for “Butterfly Airways.”

The NFT holder will get the opportunity to fly with Mariah Carey on her private plane from Atlanta to New York City, where the Hall of Fame ceremony will take place. They will also be provided with a two-night hotel stay in New York City. Finally, two tickets to the induction ceremony will be given to them.

Another important aspect of the Mariah Carey NFT is that it has a significant charity component. That is to say, a portion of the auction earnings will benefit two charities dear to Carey. The Fresh Air Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation are two such organizations.

“We Belong Together” is a phrase used to describe a group of people who Singer is the latest celebrity to issue a non-disclosure agreement.
Mariah Carey is the latest prominent artist to release their own NFT with this release. Although few, if any, have provided such unique access, the Fly With Me NFT promises to be one of them.

Carey, it turns out, has previously worked in the NFT field. She was one of three legendary female performers honored on special Billboard covers by Yam Karkai, a World of Women artist, back in March.

Carey commented to Rolling Stone about her debut NFT release:

“This NFT event is centered on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and sharing my delight with one of my incredible fans while also collecting funds for two incredible organizations near and dear to my heart.”

The NFT auction will take place on the Geojam platform, as previously stated. Geojam is a social interaction platform that focuses on fostering meaningful contact between fans and artists, according to its website. Carey is, in fact, an investor in the platform.

The current offer for the NFT is 658,000 JAM (about $5,003.51) at the time of writing. Given all of the Mariah Carey NFT’s main bonuses, don’t be shocked if that amount skyrockets by the time the auction concludes.

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