“Undw3,” Lacoste’s first NFT project, is now up and running. The collection, whose name is pronounced “underwater,” plays off the brand’s crocodile theme and brings the heritage label to Web3.

In the NFTs, there is a scary picture of a crocodile coming out of the water. Lacoste is going to sell 11,212 digital pieces that are based on the brand’s famous L1212 polo shirt. The first piece will cost 0.08 ETH. In a statement, Lacoste’s chief brand officer Catherine Spindler talks about the company’s ability to break into the digital world and build a strong online community. She says, “Undw3 shows our ambitions in this area and shows that we want to follow the Web3-driven trend of decentralization.” She also says that Undw3 is “an experiential, interactive, and co-creative universe in the spirit of Lacoste’s creativity and avant-gardism.”

In a series of tweets, Lacoste said, “In a world that’s getting more and more connected, we think the next big step is to add you to our core team. By owning a piece of the Lacoste experience, you will become part of the Lacoste family and have a say in how we move forward. Lacoste says that people who buy the NFTs will not only be able to get exclusive physical products, but they will also be able to have a say in how the designs will look in the future.

The brand has wanted to get into Web3 for a long time. It got into Web3 in March when it worked with Minecraft on “Croco Island.” Check out Premint if you want to learn more about “Undw3.”

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