It has been said that Dapper Labs is working with the LA Rams, who won the Super Bowl last year. The company that made NBA Topshot and NFL All Day will make a lucrative deal with the NFL franchise to meet their needs for NFT for the whole season.

Details of the deal between Dapper Labs and the LA Rams

Details about the new partnership between Dapper Labs and the LA Rams were shared on social media. On the NFL All Day Platform, the first NFTs will be a brand-new set of Super Bowl LVI-themed rings.

As of yesterday, users can get one of 6 050 different types of rings from this first drop. At the start, there were three levels of rarity for them. There were 5k starter rings that cost $9 each and 1k all-star rings that cost $59. Last but not least, 50 hall of fame rings that cost $699 each. All of the NFTs are sold out at this point, but the partnership will continue through the rest of the 2022/23 NFT season.

Jen Prince, the CCO of the LA Rams, said, “This best-in-class partnership is a great example of how game-changing technology will help us reach our fans and connect with new fans in California and around the world.”

Dapper Labs and NFL All Day

NFL All Day is the official NFL NFT market from Dapper Labs. It’s made the same way as NBA Topshot, which is the NBA version of NFL All Day.

NFL All Day is where you can find digital video collectibles with plays from the best players in the NFL. It is run on the Flow blockchain, which was made by Dapper Labs. It is fast, decentralized, and easy for developers to use.

NBA Topshot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike were all made by Dapper Labs. In addition to these, Cryptokitties was one of the first non-fungible token projects to come out before Cryptopunks.

They are the best in their field, and the partnership between Dapper Labs and the LA Rams just proves this even more.

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