Neo has swallowed the red pill. The Futureverse Foundation is a group that works on NFTs and art in the metaverse. Keanu Reeves and his partner, Alexandra Grant, have joined the group.

The star of The Matrix wants you to know that he and Grant, an artist, are serious about NFTs. He means what he says. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Futureverse Foundation is a new charity that will help artists make and sell their work in the metaverse as NFTs, which they haven’t explained. The well-known pair gives advice to the charity. The foundation wants to make it easier for artists from underserved areas to get into the metaverse. It is counting on the fact that NFTs will be a real form of art with real value instead of just an abstract idea that can be easily copied as fakes.

“The Futureverse Foundation seems to me to be an idea. If this chance to build a new economy based on cultural exchange is real, how do we do it?” Grant said this to The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s new for all of us to think about how the art world, Hollywood, and tech can work together in such a beautiful way.”

We asked Reeves about his hopes for the foundation, but he didn’t answer right away. If he does, we’ll update this story.

But wait, Keanu Reeves is not interested in NFTs. At least, he wasn’t six months ago when he was asked about them. In an interview with The Verge to promote The Matrix: Resurrections in December 2021, Reeves was very doubtful about the rise of the non-fungible token. When first asked about his interest in cryptocurrency, the actor was vague. He said that a friend had given him some cryptocurrency, but he hadn’t done anything with it yet. When the talk turned to NFTs and digital scarcity, Reeves said with a smirk that NFTs are “easy to copy,” then he bent over and let out a high-pitched laugh. On the plus side, Reeves did say that he hoped Facebook would stay out of the metaverse, so I guess that’s a win, even though it seems unlikely.

I have to say what everyone already knows. The Matrix came out in 1999 as a harsh critique of a dystopian world where people’s energy is literally taken from them while they are plugged into a typical suburban digital landscape. Now, in 2022, we’re having serious talks about how to make money in a digital world, talks that now include the star of the critique. It’s a crazy moment where everything comes full circle.

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