NFTs will be dropped by Karafuru, Hypebeast, and Atmos. Here’s what we know about the planned partnership so far.

NFT Drop Karafuru x Hypebeast x Atmos

Karafuru NFT revealed their latest collaboration with Hypebeast and Atmos on April 19. Atmos is one of Japan’s most well-known shoe boutiques, while Hypebeast is the go-to outlet for all the newest cultural trends. A vibrant 3D NFT collection was teased in the partnership teaser film.

According to a Karafuru blog post, the NFT initiative hopes to expand the Karafuru brand beyond its digital identity. Karafuru’s objective, as stated in the article, is to create a “lifestyle brand that is known in everyday life.”

Let’s discuss about the collab collection’s benefits now. Holders can use each 3D NFT to claim a toy collectable in addition to possessing a 3D avatar.

Holders also have access to unique gear from Hypebeast and Atmos. Additionally, they can employ 3D Karafuru as avatars in any of the metaverse regions in which the NFT project has invested.

Finally, if Karafuru uses any of the holders’ 3D tokens for commercial reasons, the token’s holders will be paid a royalty as the token’s IP owner.

As of this writing, no date has been set for when the NFT project will stop collecting. Karafuru NFT, on the other hand, has been doing giveaways for whitelist places on Twitter, so be sure to follow them to stay up to date.

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