Jim Carrey put out his “first” NFTs on SuperRare in June and August, but it turns out that he had already put out an NFT collection called Germinations on Foundation months before.

Carrey has been a part of culture on his own for a long time, and Germinations is all about that.

In an interview with nft now, Mack Flavelle, CEO of Big Head Club, said, “We were trying to play with the audience.” “You’re looking at Jim Carrey’s face right now. Jim Carrey is talking about [these paintings] as you listen. You have no idea that it’s Jim Carrey. Part of the play was that. The plan worked.”

The five animated paintings in the Germinations collection range in length from 30 seconds to 1 minute, and each one has audio from Carrey as he plays a different character. Some are sad and others are crazy, but they all catch your attention. Carrey made the NFTs by making short videos of himself in character, stopping the videos, and making paintings out of the video stills. He then gave the Big Head Club team the pictures and the sound, which they used to make the paintings move.

“They are the voices he hears in his head,” Flavelle said next. “They sound like different people to him. So, when you look at them, remember that he painted himself in each one. All of the paintings are about the artist’s life. They are just his mannerisms.”

Flavelle, who co-founded big Web3 successes like Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties before starting Big Head Club, said that since Carrey is already a well-known public figure, they didn’t have to worry about making the project work best for making money. This gave him and Carrey a chance to try out project ideas that they both found interesting. Flavelle said that after months of working on the project together, he was struck by Carrey’s intensity and drive for the creative process.

Flavelle said of Carrey, “He has an urge, a need to make things.” “He feels the need to make art. And he became very interested in this new form of art. There were some new and interesting things going on in art that he didn’t know about before NFTs. He has a lot of skill as a painter. But he had never seen a painting with moving parts before.”

During talks about the project, both of them were ready to give up because they weren’t happy with how creatively things were going. In a strange way, this anger led to the idea of an anonymous release.

Flavelle said, “We started talking about how boring it is that Jim Carrey makes art and no one looks at it.” “All they talk about is how a famous person made it. I asked [Carrey] if he knew about the subway experiment in Washington, DC. I thought, Let’s have some fun with that. Let’s explore you doing art.”

Flavelle is talking about an experiment that Joshua Bell, a famous violinist and conductor, did in 2007 at Union Station in Washington, D.C. Bell played the first movement of Bach’s Violin Concerto without anyone knowing who he was. for people walking by during the morning rush.

The experiment has shown some interesting things. When Germinations came out, Flavelle told the Big Head Club community about it on Twitter and Discord as a unique project they believed people would like. The goal was also to see how the community would react if the Big Head Club team suggested a collection drop out of the blue.

Flavelle said, “We just left it there.” “With his face on every painting and his voice on each and every one. We got these posted on Foundation so that a lot of people would see them. “That wouldn’t be a cool story if no one knew it was Jim Carrey and no one saw the art.

Both String Bean’s Twitter account and his bio page on Foundation had small hints and clues about who Jim Carrey was. They give visitors an acrostic where the first letter of each line spells out a sentence. For Carrey, the bio says the following:

“Joyful, immersive, maniacal, Whimsical, asinine, subterrestrial. Heretical, eternal, rambunctious, expansive.”

At the time this was written, The Bottles that Empty Me was the most popular piece in the collection. A collector bought it for 0.55 ETH. Carrey and Flavelle talked about keeping the secret for years, but in the end, they decided it was time for the world to find out who was behind the project.

Flavelle said, “It’s time for everyone to know that Jim Carrey is String Bean, and he’s happy about that.”

What comes next?

Flavelle gave a vague answer when asked what’s next for Carrey’s String Bean adventures. “String Bean is going to say more,” he said. “It’s not over yet. It’s the start. I don’t think we’ll go as far as Jim Carrey with these new ideas. I think that “Jim Carrey” might end, leaving only “String Bean.” I think that the acid of reality has eaten away at Jim Carrey the artist, leaving String Bean in its place. He has a deep need to make things. And that’s not just a nice thing to say. It’s both a good thing and a bad thing. He thinks about work all the time. And I don’t work with many people who are.”

The String Bean experiment shows in a unique way how people decide to value fame, which Flavelle talks about so seriously. It also shows that being famous might not be as satisfying and important as society makes it seem. Flavelle told nft now that he had never seen Carrey so “light and happy” as he was when Germinations came out, which says a lot on its own.

Carrey has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, and he is now nearing the end of it. How he uses his creative energy in the last years of his career will be good for all who love his work. Germinations was conceptually fun, and I hope that his future projects in the NFT space will be the same way.

“My full name is Jim Eugene Carrey,” Carrey said in a written statement about the project that was only given to nft now. “When I was a kid, people called me Jimmy-Gene the String Bean because I was long, skinny, and very flexible. People try to describe and distinguish each other in many ways, some of which are cute and others not so much, but we aren’t separate. Each person we meet is a different facet of the same valuable diamond. I try to find those people inside of me. I might release the videos where I studied the characters’ voices and faces that these NFTs are based on one day. I like coming up with new ways to do things that don’t fit into any clear category yet.

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