With the acquisition of a digital art piece with direct links to the Soviet Union, Jim Carrey has become the latest celebrity to get caught into the non-fungible token mania.

Carrey, 60, outbid the competition and paid 20.0 — or $39,535 — for an NFT named “Devotion.” The piece is part of Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell’s “The Wild Within” series (which includes 13 NFTs in total), which captures abandoned Soviet structures.

The photograph depicts a crumbling Soviet-era sanatorium in Georgia, notably the once-famous Tskaltubo resort, which was a renowned health destination noted for its medicinal waters.

“This one brings me to a halt. That, according to James Joyce, is a good thing. Thank you for softly capturing nature’s gorgeous and constant rebirth, @ryankoopmans. Carrey disclosed in a Twitter tweet, “By the way, you’re my first NFT.”

Koopmans, a Canadian-Dutch artist, told The Post that he was ecstatic to discover that Carrey had acquired his work.

“Learning that Jim Carrey was the collector is incredibly thrilling, as I admire him as a multifaceted artist!” According to Koopmans. “In his own right, Jim Carrey is an amazing painter, illustrator, and artist.” It’s exciting that someone who promotes creativity, optimism, and mindfulness is familiar with the work Alice and I have done over the years and is therefore dear to my heart.”

According to the piece’s description, “thousands of individuals visited the old resort between the 1940s and 1980s, including Stalin and his high-ranking Moscow officials.” The structures were neglected and in ruin when the Soviet Union split apart.”

The structures have been gradually destroyed and robbed of their precious components since the early 1990s, leaving empty shells of what were once spectacular classical architecture.

Koopmans has been shooting the ruins in the area for several years. They used Wexell to digitally alter these pictures into works of art by adjusting the lighting and structure, adding sound by Erik Thome, and animating the sceneries with the goal of revitalizing the empty areas.

According to the Koopmans, the idea was to “basically infuse life back into the rooms.”

The Grammy-winning and Academy Award-nominated comedian acquired another NFT branded “Nuclear Taco Trucks” shortly after acquiring his first.

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