People and communities are driven to do better by their sense of purpose. Society is made up of people with similar goals. Why do you make a collection of NFTs? The answer is not to get rich quickly. Do you have an idea or a reason?

You need to create long-term value for your community or other parties that can benefit. You could give money to a cause related to your goal, give back a portion of the sales to the holders, or give them other free stuff and benefits.

More than that, is your collection meant to be your shot, or is it just the first step toward something bigger? Get creative, free your mind, and figure out what you’re here for. Greatness starts with having a reason for doing something.

We have created the infographic below to offer a step by step guide about how to market your NFT. Enjoy!

how to market your nft 1
How to Market your NFT

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