The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sector has once again been victimized by fraud, this time with a phishing link used to dupe a collector.

The theft of 29 Moonbirds NFTs from a single wallet, valued at $1.3 million, was carried out by the attacker.

All of the victim’s stolen NFTs were afterwards listed for sale on the LooksRare NFT marketplace.

In the past, there have been serious hacks and scams in the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) industry. And now, once again, a similar situation has come to light.

Using a phishing website, an unethical actor has persuaded unsuspecting users to approve them as a wallet operator. From a single wallet, the attacker was able to obtain 29 Moonbirds NFTs.

Keith Digital Omithologist, the robbed victim, who lives with his wife and three children, describes the crime as “life-altering” since it required a significant portion of his 38 years to hustle for money.

Theft of 750 Ethereum from Moonbirds (ETH)

When it comes to the value of the heist, 29 blue-chip Moonbirds cost over 750 ETH, which is around $1.3 million at current prices, which is a huge sum for the average person.

Despite the fact that a UK court recently found virtual assets to be lawful property, the NFT sector is an uncertain and uncontrolled environment, which is why Keith resorted to delivering a message to the hacker using a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

In the mail, he emphasized a deal of 28 Moonbirds NFTs that would be refunded to him. The police and FBI would be mentioned if this were not the case. Keith compensated him by allowing him to keep one Moonbirds NFT.

However, it appears that his notification was ignored, since the victim later stated that all of the stolen NFTs were for sale on LooksRare, the NFT marketplace.

Those who are reading this may wonder how people are persuaded to commit such things. But, more often than not, unethical actors pose as legitimate players, trapping victims in the process.

Such incidents serve as a continual warning to individuals to be cautious while using third-party services.

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