Azerion talked about the partnership between Habbo and CyberKongz at the MET AMS Metaverse festival. This is the second partnership that Habbo has made in the past few weeks. It makes NFTs more useful in Habbo hotels. Read on to find out what the NFT holders of CyberKongz will get out of the partnership.

What’s the deal with Habbo and CyberKongz?

By linking their crypto wallet to their Habbo account, owners of CyberKongz NFT can get unique collectibles to use in the game. This includes things like clothes, badges, and furniture for their hotel rooms. In a future Habbo update, they will also be able to use their own speech bubbles and effects.

All of these items are only available to people who have CyberKongz NFTs. This lets them show off their collections on Habbo. Habbo will also make a community room with decorations for the collaborations. It will be the place where the collection’s people hang out.

habbo cyberkongz
Habbo NFT x Cyberkongz Collab

Mika Timonen, who is in charge of NFT, said, “We are so excited to bring the CyberKongz community to Habbo.” “CyberKongz is one of my favorite projects, and it’s a great way to start working together.”

“Habbo Hotel is one of the first Web2 projects, and I remember playing it when I was a kid… Seeing brands like them use the power of NFTs and Web3 is very inspiring and a perfect match. We are so happy and proud to be working on such a great project!” myoo, who started CyberKongz, said.

What is Habbo

Habbo is a place where teens and young adults can hang out online. It is also one of the biggest online groups in the world. Since it started in 2000, Habbo has grown to include nine online “hotels.” It has paying customers in more than 150 countries, and each month, more than 600,000 people use it. Sulake, a Finnish company that is owned by Azerion, was the first company to make Habbo. The first NFT collection from Habbo came out last year.

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