Off The Grid (OTG), Gunzilla’s upcoming multiplayer battle royale shooter, will have an NFT platform called GunZ built into it.

GunZ will use blockchain technology to let players trade in-game items and buy new ones from other players. But Gunzilla makes it clear that trading isn’t required and that the studio won’t put progress or features behind a paywall. Gunzilla has also said that it will never sell NFTs to players directly.

Gunzilla’s insistence on the GunZ platform is based on the fact that players don’t get to keep the in-game items they earned or paid for in free-to-play games today. For example, when a game is turned off for good, any time or money the player put into it goes away.

“You don’t own anything, and you can’t. Anyone can check this by reading the terms and conditions of any game. If you get banned, for example, any item you have can be taken away, even if you got banned by mistake. “When you stop playing a free-to-play game, the money you put into it goes away, too,” says Gunzilla CEO Vlad Korolev in a statement.

“We’re changing the system and putting power back in the hands of gamers. We’re doing this with blockchain technology.” With OTG and GunZ, we’re making a universe that will set a new standard for the industry.

In the games industry, NFTs have been a point of contention. Some developers, like Landfall Games, have taken a pledge against NFTs because of the damage they do to the environment. Minecraft has also said that NFTs and blockchain technology will not be allowed on its platform. Last week at EVO 2022, Sony asked people how interested they were in NFTs.

Director Neill Blomkamp of District 9 joined Gunzilla as Chief Visionary Officer to help with the studio’s first game. When we talked to him last month, he didn’t say that the game would have NFTs.

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