Gucci, the Italian fashion giant, has opened a new Gucci Town on Roblox, further cementing its metaverse presence. The “permanent digital place” will be an interactive center that includes mini-games, a virtual store, and even a cafe. The effort follows many other metaverse experiences from the company, including the unveiling of a Gucci Garden last year. So, what exactly is Roblox’s Gucci Town?

In Roblox, what is Gucci Town?

Gucci Town has a center garden that links to other areas of the town in Roblox. Users may interact with their avatars by playing minigames, visiting a cafe, or purchasing Gucci clothing from a virtual store. Roblox’s new “layered clothing” technology appears to be used to create virtual outfits.

Tile Takeover and Flashlight Tag are two Gucci-inspired games available at Mini Game Heights. Players may also pay a visit to Creative Corner to see the works of visiting artists. Furthermore, students are able to create their own art here. In addition, gamers may visit the Vault Plaza exhibition hall to see a collection of vintage Gucci and other brand products.

“When developing the experience, the community has always been the starting point,” Nicolas Oudinot, Gucci’s EVP of new companies, told The Verge. “In keeping with this, we see future developments as an open discussion between Gucci and repeat guests.”

Gucci’s role in the metaverse

In May 2021, Gucci released Gucci Garden, a Roblox-based immersive experience with a Gucci theme. Despite just being open for two weeks, the space reportedly pulled in more than 20 million gamers last year.

Gucci hopes its latest Roblox Gucci Town to expand slowly over time. We can probably anticipate additional brands to follow Gucci’s lead as it grows its metaverse presence.

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