A recent leak says that Grand Theft Auto 6, which is said to come out in 2024, might have “play to earn” features. Back in February, Rockstar Games said that they were making the next game in the popular series. Even though the developer hasn’t said much about the game yet, there are rumors that it might have a cryptocurrency system like Bitcoin. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s going on with GTA 6 right now.

Recent leaks say that the next GTA game, GTA 6, will have its own currency. This will let players make money and trade in the game.

In fact, GTA 4 had a building called the Liberty City Stock Exchange back in 2008. (LCSE). At the time, though, the players couldn’t get to this. In 2013, the developers of GTA 5 added the ability to trade stocks.

This is how it worked: to buy and sell stocks, players could use their phones to connect to the BAWSAQ and LCN Exchanges. In the “Stock Market Assassination Missions,” they could even make money.

So, it wouldn’t be strange for a game series like GTA to have play to earn elements in the form of cryptocurrency. At the moment, everything is just guesswork. For more information, we have to wait for Rockstar Games to confirm (or deny) that it is true. We’ll also have to see how the gaming community responds to this rumor.

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