The NFT project could not have arrived at a better moment, given the current state of crypto markets in Goblin Town. Just two days ago, the oh-so-ugly Goblin-themed NFT project made its way into Web3. Surprisingly, the NFT collection has already seized the second place on OpenSea, with a total amount of 3.7k ETH traded.

But what is it about these monstrous animals that makes them so unique? Let’s take a deeper look if you’re interested in learning more… Ugghh!

What is the deal with NFT?

First, there’s Goblintown.

This is a collection of 10,000 NFTs depicting a wide range of obnoxious animals that you could find in Goblin Town. Trolls, dragons, wizards, bugs, and Kevin are all examples of this (from Pixelmon). Kevin is also in Goblin Town, as you may have seen.

Without a doubt, each Goblintown NFT has its own distinct qualities and characteristics, with 12 of them being one-of-a-kind NFTs in the collection. Goblin#8995 (as shown above) was one among them, and it was sold for 1.03 ETH (about $2,084) yesterday. If you’re looking for a visual feast, Rarity Sniper has the ugliest (and maybe most expensive) Goblins.

Who made the NFT collection

Perhaps a gang of Goblins? As the designers of Goblintown, we’ll probably never know. NFTs are all undoxxed, wtf. On that point, it’s not shocking at all, given that most NFT project creators would remain anonymous throughout the early stages. As a result, we only know that the NFT collection on OpenSea was developed by the King of The Goblin.

Is there a plan or benefit to keeping these Goblin NFTs?

That is an excellent question. According to Goblintown’s official website, the ugly community has no NFT utility, roadmap, or Discord. Don’t you believe that’s how a Goblin would oversee an NFT project?

Fortunately, all NFTs in Goblintown are CC0 (creative common zeros). This means that the complete NFT collection has no copyright protection. As a result, you have complete freedom in how you market your NFTs.

What is it about these Goblin NFTs that makes them so popular?

There are several reasons for this, one of which being the project’s suspected collaboration with Yuga Labs. Yuga highlighted Goblins as one of its income channels this year, as you can see from the graph above. As a result, many people assumed that Goblintown was one of Yuga Labs’ secret projects. That, however, is unlikely to be the case.

The Goblintown NFT collection then struck a chord with the NFT Twitter bear market culture. Many people may connect to the NFT project’s premise, since NFT fans on Twitter have been making fun of markets entering Goblin Town for weeks.

These Goblins, on the other hand, are horribly hideous in their own right. This, however, does not dampen the enthusiasm for the NFT initiative. In fact, according to Goblintown devotees, ugliness is the new beautiful in this universe right now.

Furthermore, minting these NFTs is free in the first place. Given that many new NFTs today might easily cost over a thousand dollars to produce, the Goblintown NFT collection provided a low-cost entry point for newcomers.

Given this, only time will tell if the Goblintown NFT project’s developers will provide a roadmap or any form of NFT usefulness in the future. It will also be fascinating to see if The King of Goblins is ready to meet up with his Goblins at some point in the future. Until then, these Goblintown residents are poised to rumble in the NFT universe.

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