GameStop is a well-known store that sells video games, accessories, and more. However, customers have been wondering about its future for a long time. It’s no secret that the move to digital games has hurt GameStop’s bottom line, and the company has been trying out in the open for a few years to change its brand and image.

It hasn’t been easy, and nobody knows what will happen next. This month, GameStop cut a few jobs, including an executive position, and its recent push into NFTs and blockchain technology hasn’t been well received either. Now, it looks like a 9/11 NFT is for sale on GameStop’s marketplace, which is a very bad idea.

This is not an open NFT platform, so anyone can’t go on it and sell NFTs. Each NFT creator has to go through an application process and get approval from GameStop. So, GameStop may not be directly to blame for this 9/11 NFT, but one of the people who got permission to make it is. This creator, who goes by the name Jules, made an NFT based on the picture of the “Falling Man.”

For those who don’t know, “The Falling Man” is a famous picture of a man falling from the upper floors of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers. Richard Drew, a photographer for the Associated Press, caught this sad moment on film. When it came out in 2001, many people criticized it for obvious reasons, but as time has passed, it has gotten a better name. It’s a heartbreaking look at what happened on 9/11, and no one thought it would become an NFT.

The NFT is also called Falling Man, and it looks almost exactly like this photo. The only difference is that the figure in the NFT is wearing an astronaut suit. There are 25 of them for sale on the GameStop NFT marketplace. Each one sells for.65 ETH, which is the same as $994.85 USD. So far, only two of them have been sold.

Some users say that when they google “GameStop,” this image comes up as a featured one, and as of this writing, the NFT is still available. GameStop hasn’t said anything in public about this annoying and controversial NFT, but hopefully the company will do something about it soon.

It currently seems that the NFT has been delisted, possibly due to the backlash Gamestop faced.

falling man nft delisted
Gamestop Delists Falling Man NFT

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