Loco, a platform for streaming games and watching e-sports, is about to launch a new platform that will let fans own and trade e-sports collectibles using tokens that can’t be used to buy or sell anything else (NFTs).

The Loco Legends platform will work with 50 of India’s most popular e-sports teams to let fans buy and trade virtual collectibles, similar to how sports fans buy merchandise and collectibles for their favorite teams in the real world.

The first thing you can buy on Loco Legends will be NFT e-sports ca..

People can buy NFT trading cards, which they can then trade and use in free-to-play fantasy pools.

“As a fan, you’ll be able to own virtual goods, or NFTs, and the person can be a part of a game that uses these NFTs,” said Anirudh Pandita, one of the co-founders of Loco.

The platform is in beta right now, and next month is when it is expected to go live.

The company has made deals with popular e-sports teams like 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind, and XO, which are the best at games like BGMI, FreeFire Max, and Valorant.

Loco has 52 million users, so it has a ready pool of gamers and data from the tournaments it runs.

“We are really excited about how web3 can give creators more power and give gamers new ways to enjoy games. Gamers are the first people to try out new technology, and our community has shown a lot of support for these initiatives,” said co-founder Ashwin Suresh.

At first, the first 1,000 people on the waiting list who sign up will get free NFTs worth about Rs 500 each. The NFTs can be bought with regular money, which makes them available to a wider range of people.

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