The FTC (‘For The Culture’) NFT collection has been threatening their paper-handed buyers in recent days. Those who have been selling NFTs for less than 1 ETH in particular. The graphics on all of these people’s NFTs in the collection now appears to have been modified to just “GAME OVER” in all capitals.

FTC NFT Explained

In the previous week, the FTC (For the Culture) NFT collection was published (June 5th). The collection has grown to a massive following of 136,000+ followers since joining Twitter in May. This is due to their brand, which is based on the emoji of a middle finger and the phrase “f*ck.”

They claim to have resurrected the bull market. The floor price on OpenSea is now 0.17 ETH, with an average price of 0.33 ETH over time, after their completely free mint, where they even gave 0.01 ETH to minters to cover gas. The collection hoped that people would come for the meme and stay for the culture, while also emphasizing the importance of memes. They didn’t develop a roadmap as part of the FTC NFT collection, which adds to the collection’s carelessness.

Simply put, everybody who advertised NFTs for less than 1 ETH received this “game over” picture on their NFTs. It’s unknown how many are like this, however for those who stated above 1 ETH or didn’t list at all, there are still some with the original artwork.

What Does It Mean When It Says “Game Over”?

The collection has been threatening their “paper hands” customers for the previous three days. Those who were selling NFTs on markets for less than 1 ETH. On multiple times, they referred to them as “paperf*ckers.” They’ve now done exactly what they said and altered all of the NFTs to “game over.”

The bulk of the Twitter comment area seemed to be pleased with what the collection has accomplished. As many have pointed out, it was a free mint, so don’t expect much.

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