YellowHeart is a place to buy and sell music on Web3. Buying tickets and joining a club. Both cryptocurrency and credit cards can be used to pay on the site. YellowHeart and Kings of Leon put out the first NFT album and tickets in 2021. Since then, Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, ZHU, Jerry Garcia, and others have all worked with the company.

Now, the platform has made the first music streaming player that uses NFT. It is hoped that this will make a lot of people switch to the new music format.

NFT songs have already been made by a lot of artists. This way, they get back almost all of the money they made. But some fans have had doubts about NFT’s music. This is because they can’t stream NFT songs and albums one after the other. But this is easy to do on services like Spotify and Apple Music.

YellowHeart says that by making an NFT music streaming player, they are trying to make things fair. Fans can stream all of their NFT songs in a single player. This is different from opening songs one at a time within an app.

Josh Katz started YellowHeart and is now its CEO. “When I started working on YellowHeart before the pandemic, while we were building our product on the back end, my main goal was to teach artists and industry leaders how NFT music could change the larger space. Since we made a lot of progress in 2021 and put out the first big NFT album and tickets, one of the biggest problems we’ve had is making it easy for fans to understand NFT content. This roadblock is taken care of when a streaming player that works with Web3 is brought into the space. We hope that it will continue to get a lot of people to use it so that we can use NFTs to combine the best of old and new music formats.

If fans use this new streaming service, it will be easier for artists to give fans all the other benefits that come with NFT music but aren’t available on platforms. This includes tickets to concerts, vinyl records, and other items.

The goal of the new NFT streaming product is to get a lot of people to use the NFT music format.

Yellowheart says that streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music pay artists between.003 cents and.005 cents per stream. But with YellowHeart’s NFT streaming player, most of the money goes to the artists.

They also say that the player can play TV shows and movies in addition to music.

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