Victor Langlois, who goes by the stage name Fewocious, is a teen NFT artist who has once again set a new all-time high secondary sale for himself. The NFT masterpiece “The Sailor” sold on SuperRare for a huge 350 ETH, which is about $595k at the current market price.

The NFT was bought by “capital6529” from “2YeahYeah,” who had owned it before. “Bringing a Fewocious into the 6529 family has been a very long time coming,” the winning bidder said about the latest purchase.

Fewocious’s journey as a successful artist has reached another important point with the well-deserved amount. A well-known and visible member of a growing group of queer crypto artists has once again shown how powerful his work can be.

The NFT for “The Sailor” has a face that is half human and half cartoonish. The looping NFT, which is very unique to Fewocious style, has a lot of small details that are hard to see at first. He said, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I can’t be sure. my friend, I’m moving forward and up, or at least I’m trying.”

He also wrote on Twitter, “My sophomore high school English teacher saw this and messaged me to say she’s going to use this piece and my story to teach her students about resilience.”

With these artists, the NFT space has become colorful, different, and new. So it makes sense that the art itself has found a place of pride in the NFT community.

Well, Fewocious breaking a record isn’t that unusual. He has also been called the youngest artist that Christie’s has ever shown. People love his art so much that on the day of the “Hello, I’m Victor” NFT auction, the buyers’ traffic caused the Christie’s website to crash from all the sales.

Also, Fewocious sold almost $19 million worth of NFTs, which was the third-highest amount in the NFT market Nifty Gateway. This time, “The Sailor” NFT stole the show by becoming the most expensive second-hand sale on SuperRare, which says a lot about how amazing his NFT art is.

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