The English Premier League (EPL), a legendary European football competition, is now using NFTs! As a result, the firm filed two crypto trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The papers indicated that the NFT sports niche, which is currently developing at breakneck speed, has enormous intentions.

What might we anticipate from the NFTs in the English Premier League?

The English Premier League, one of the most well-known athletic events in contemporary history, has entered the NFT market. According to Michael Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney, the organization filed trademark applications on June 6th.

To be clear, EPL filed two applications. The first one included the company’s well-known lion emblem. The second one, on the other hand, was for a trophy with a crown and two golden lions on either side.

NFT-related licenses are also mentioned in the filings. As a result, we may soon be able to purchase NFTs, exchange services, and even digital merchandise from the English Premier League.

“With over a billion people watching the Premier League on a daily basis, the brand has significant value,” Kondoudis said. “These filings are a reasonable next step in protecting the brand in today’s economy, which includes virtual and crypto aspects, as well as tomorrow’s virtual economy in the metaverse,” says the company.

Is the popularity of non-traditional sports betting on the rise?

We don’t know when the English Premier League NFTs will be released at this time. Sports fans might look at other intriguing ventures in the meanwhile.

ARIA Exchange, for example, is an NFT marketplace that sells items from famous athletes. Alex Bregman, Bill Russell, Mickey Mantle, and other big personalities in the industry have already joined with the site.

When it comes to European football, the Bundesliga in Germany has already followed the NFT trend. Sorare, the legendary sports-themed NFT marketplace, has struck a two-year deal with the squad.

Overall, once the collectibles arrive, the English Premier League is expected to take over the sports NFT niche. Fans will have a new opportunity to interact with their favorite football players, from virtual goods to special digital artworks.

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