Lobkowicz said that he wants to protect the history of his family by fixing the artifacts and keeping them safe with NFT.

William Rudolf Lobkowicz, a Czech prince who is 27 years old, is keeping his family’s 700-year-old history alive by using non-fungible tokens (NFT). CNBC says that the family has 20,000 items that can be moved, a library with about 65,000 rare books, and 5,000 pieces of music and musical compositions. The Lobkowicz family also has three castles, one palace, and 30,000 boxes of folios, some of which have never been opened. The Lobkowicz Collections were put back together over the course of 25 years. Some of the painters whose works are in the collections are Cranach, Rubens, Bellotto, Bruegel, and others. Some pieces of pottery are about 500 years old, and there are gold-plated trumpets, 1,200 pieces of weapons and armor, and other things.

Two different authoritarian regimes have stolen the artifacts and property twice. First, it was the Nazis in the early 1900s, during the Second World War. Then it was the Communist party.

William Sr., the prince’s father, also went to different parts of what used to be Czechoslovakia to get the inheritance. He told CNBC that the police took the and put them in 100 different places. William Sr. said that during the hunt, tens of thousands of things that could move were found. Now, the prince is using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, and the metaverse to get back what was stolen from his family. He told them:

“You know, when most people look at beautiful works of art and castles, they think it’s all very easy. But in reality, behind the scenes, we work hard day and night to keep these things safe and secure. No one will care as much about these things as we do.”

Lobkowicz will use NFT to protect his family’s history.

Lobkowicz said that he wants to protect the history of his family by fixing the artifacts and keeping them safe with NFT.

“It’s not just about selling NFTs to pay for cultural landmarks; we also need to think about how to keep a record of our history. “Blockchain technology gives us a record of our cultural heritage that can’t be changed and can be kept on the chain. This has never been done before,” he said.

Also, the report said that whoever buys the Lobkowicz NFT after it has been fixed would get a second digital asset of the fixed painting. Since then, the family has paid for more than 50 art restoration projects and sold NFTs to raise $300,000. Lobkowicz wants to learn even more about blockchain technology. On November 4th and 5th, in Prague, there will be an installment of a Non-Fungible Castle.

Before moving to NFT to protect his family’s inheritance, Lobkowicz worked in a VR world based on Ethereum. The prince put up and sold on the metaverse a three-month restoration of the Chinese Belvedere room in one of Prague’s palaces. He thinks that every prince who came before him had “something completely different” because they lived in different times.

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