In the early 1980s, Lorenzo Riva was Balenciaga’s artistic director. He tells us when the “Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon” NFT collection will be out. The NFTs are based on Riva’s collection of 8,300 designs by Cristóbal that have never been seen before.

Cristóbal quickly became known as “The Master” of haute couture because of the way his clothes made women feel powerful and were the first of their kind. From his humble beginnings as an apprentice for a local tailor, Cristóbal later became known in the fashion world as a pioneer for new shapes in clothing. In the 1950s, these styles, like the sack dress and the cocoon coat, changed the way women looked. The name Balenciaga is now at the top of fashion. It is closely linked to revolution and modernism, and many of Cristóbal’s ideas still influence fashion around the world.

Lorenzo Riva, who was the artistic director of Balenciaga in the 1980s, was able to use Cristóbal’s original designs. Art Consulting, the curators of Riva’s Balenciaga collection, Art Vein, a fine art NFT platform, Animal Concerts, a metaverse entertainment company, Cointelegraph, crypto’s leading digital media organization, which was responsible for designing and creating the art, and NFT, a leading NFT marketplace, worked together to bring this fashionable digital NFT collection to life with the same attention to fine art that Cristóbal Balenciaga had.

Romano Ravasio, a partner at Art Consulting and the curator of the Lorenzo Riva Collection, said, “With ‘Balenciaga to the Moon,’ haute couture goes into the metaverse. It comes in with the glamorous style of the 1950s, which was a very elegant time. Contemporary art is all about mixing things up, so we’re happy to start this conversation between the past and the future. The past must be saved, and the future must be fed with treasures from our glorious past.”

As fashion changes again to become Web3, people are invited to buy their own piece of history. The public random minting process for this NFT project will start on July 21, 2022, at 9 a.m. EDT, and the NFTs will be shown right away.

With a total of 10,000 unique pieces, collectors can mint NFTs of different rarities, giving buyers a sense of surprise with each NFT.

The rewards for this kind of project should be just as exciting. With this kind of attitude, the project partners doubled the rewards, giving lucky minters the chance to get things like Balenciaga gear, gift cards to high-end designer brands, and even drawings by Cristóbal that are 70 years old. A number of NFT holders will also get spots on the waiting list for upcoming Animal Concerts NFT drops and have access to special giveaways like live and metaverse concert tickets, among other things.

The project team also highlights 50 exclusive one-of-one “haute couture” Balenciaga NFTs, which are the most rare and, therefore, the most valuable.

For those who are interested, the NFTs offer haute redeemables, unmatched utility, and a community that sets standards for just $100 per mint from NFT!

To get more people to join a Web3 world where digital collectibles are used, the project team gives first-time buyers many enticing benefits, such as a secure spot on the allowlist for future Balenciaga NFT drops with Lorenzo Riva, a secure spot on the allowlist for future Animal Concerts NFT drops, and access to special giveaways. The Animal Concerts team has also come up with a lot of post-drop incentives, rewards, redeemables, and uses for the Cristóbal Balenciaga: To the Moon NFTs. This is to make sure that owners of the NFTs can enjoy a long-lasting, community-focused project.

If you want to take part in an NFT project that aims to set the standard for meta-fashion and empower communities, go to the “To The Moon” collection page on NFT and grab your piece of fashion history. Also, join the Animal Concerts Discord to learn about the latest changes in the Animal Concerts ecosystem.

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