To celebrate International Friendship Day, the drink company Coca-Cola announced on Polygon that its generative NFTs would be going on sale. The NFTs made by Tafi, a company that makes avatars, are truly unique because they can be shared.

The “bubbles in a Coke bottle”-themed NFTs were sent to the digital wallets of people who already owned Coca-Cola NFTs on July 30. The collectibles have features like “share-to-reveal,” which means that each NFT will be shown when it is shared with a friend.

Coca-Cola NFT owners will have access to utilities, rewards, and other perks, such as Coke Studio-powered experiences, gaming events, and early access to limited-edition product launches from Coca-Cola Creations.

Coca-Cola said that it has planned a number of metaverse events for 2022, including things to do for Halloween in October. Well, the beverage company has something for International Singles Day in November as well, so single people won’t be left out.

Coca-Cola had already said that it planned to make more than 4,000 digital collectibles, starting with a “loot box” auction for Special Olympics International on International Friendship Day 2021.

Coca-Head Cola’s of Global Creative Strategy, Pratik Thakar, said, “International Friendship Day, which kicked off our metaverse journey in 2021, is the perfect way to thank and celebrate the people who have joined us at this important milestone.”

Thakar also said that the company hopes to grow and strengthen its Real Magic community through connections made through different real-world and online Coca-Cola experiences.

Thakar went on to say that the company will keep learning in this fast-paced space by releasing limited-edition NFTs tied to important cultural moments and focusing on building a virtual ecosystem while surprising and delighting fans.

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