Chris Brown, a hip-hop artist, seems to be the latest celebrity to join the NFT trend. This week, he released his own NFT collection at the same time as his new album, Breezy.

The NFT collection, called “THE BREEZYVERSE,” is made up of 10,000 3D animated NFTs with sound and visual effects built on the Ethereum blockchain. On Friday, the sale was open to the public. The NFT’s official Instagram account, @thebreezyverse, put up a post that said, “PUBLIC SALE IS LIVE! Click the link in the bio to get your @chrisbrownofficial NFT right now. Now and for the rest of the tour, our special tools are being used. The trip has just started!” Brown also hyped up the release by posting an animated clip of some of the NFT’s art on his own Instagram page.

According to the NFT’s website, the collection “creates an intimate connection to Chris’s creativity and artistic talents” and is meant to “bridge the gap between the artist and his fans around the world.”

Some of the perks for NFT holders, which are called “exclusive utilities,” are VIP concert tickets, exclusive artist meet-and-greets, access to music video wardrobe, video calls with Brown, and some of Brown’s original art on canvas.

Brown is one of many famous people who have tried to start their own NFT in the past few months. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is a digital asset that represents a real-world object like art, music, animation, games, or another physical asset. There are a number of online marketplaces for NFTs where they can be bought and sold.

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