Warner Records and Bose have officially joined forces to release a “first-of-its-kind” non-fungible token (NFT) collection. The NFTs will be free to mint, despite a huge drop in the space and in the crypto market as a whole.

The Stickmen Project, Warner Records UK, and Bose just released the 5,000-token NFT series, called Stickmen Toys, which has both audio and video parts. On this topic, the project’s website says that each of the Bose Stickmen Toy NFT characters “comes with its own 30-second track, as well as custom-designed, hand-painted traits that are different from the main collection of NFTs.”

Also, “a variety of bass lines, drums, melodies, sound effects, and vocal samples” from The Stickmen Project were used to make these 30-second tracks. The Stickmen Project’s two members aren’t new to giveaways and other ways to promote themselves.

The mint date for the NFTs will also be announced at some point in the future, according to the event’s organizers. As stated at the beginning, “Warner Records are giving holders ownership of the visual and audio intellectual property” from the tokens.

Warner Records said that “rare” Stickmen Toy NFTs with a Bose theme can be traded in for limited-edition headphones or Bluetooth speakers, in case this wasn’t enough to get some fans excited.

The people who own the tokens will also have access to exclusive merchandise and “The Playground,” which, according to the teams involved, is “a community with perks like live events, Stickmen Toys streetwear, physical collectibles, and future Warner Records NFT projects.”

In a statement about the NFT collection, Warner Records VP of audience and strategy Seb Simone talked about how NFTs could be a way for artists and fans to connect in the digital age.

Simone, who has worked for Warner Records for 10 years, said, “NFTs are a powerful way to extend the relationship between an artist and a fan. They give people the chance to invest in an artist’s future success and give them value along the way.” “We’re proud to be the first major label to give collectors free ownership of the audio-visual copyright in a way that is real and meaningful. We’re even happier to be working with Bose to make the project even better.”

Even though NFT sales are down 92 percent year-over-year at this point in 2022, a lot of fans are showing their support for and interest in the Bose-Stickmen Toys partnership on social media.

But it goes without saying that the digital goods will become available for free, which is a very cheap price. Owners will get perks like what seem to be desirable real-world products. From The Chainsmokers giving away a portion of their royalties through tokens to Coachella auctioning off lifetime passes, many successful NFT projects would have probably had the same results if they had started outside of the non-fungible token space.

Still, many music-focused NFT startups, such as Our Happy Company, Fuel, anotherblock, FanTiger, Highlight, Afterparty, and the redesigned LimeWire, have raised millions of dollars this year, and Spotify seems to be taking steps to grow in the market. Snoop Dogg and other NFT fans still think that non-fungible tokens are the future of the music business.

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